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 Love, companionship, relaxation – these are just a few of the many things our pets provide, so when they become stressed, sick or traumatized we want to help them as much as they help us. However understanding what they need can be complicated, especially if your pet is a rescue with an uncertain past. Instead of wondering and worrying, Pet Telepathy is here to offer clear, accurate communication as well as healing 

to bring balance and wellness to animals and owners alike. 

Connecting at the core level.

From medical to emotional to behavioral issues to support through the loss of a beloved animal, Pet Telepathy opens the lines of communication both ways, allowing the owner and the animal to dialogue in real time and address a variety of concerns. Sharing your life with your pet means you also share your ups and downs, which can take a toll on them, physically as well as energetically. However, they can't relay their past or current traumas without assistance. Pet Telepathy allows your animals to express themselves about the family dynamic, raise questions, air grievances and have a true heart to heart, broadening your relationship and deepening your connection overall.

A bond beyond words.

Highly sought-after medical intuitive, healer and founder of, Brett Ellen Block had no clue she could connect telepathically with animals until her neighbor's newly adopted dog would not stop barking. She was in the middle of a client reading when the dog explicitly told her he was so frightened that he'd keep barking until she helped him. As someone who has proudly owned rescue dogs as well as purebred cats, Brett was surprised yet excited to discover she was also an animal communicator/pet psychic and eagerly honed her ability to talk to and treat pets, expanding her practice to specialize in PTSD, anxiety illness and animals in spirit. 


Anxiety and Emotional Issues

Stress is as real for pets as it is for us because they absorb our imbalances to help us heal and will sacrifice their own health to improve ours. Brett's specialties include releasing trauma, particularly for rescue animals, healing PTSD and overcoming anxiety through energy work, all essential for our pet's happiness and harmony at home.

Medical Concerns & Crisis

Allergies, injuries, surgeries, long-standing sickness, chronic pain and new illnesses can create serious problems for pets as well as concerned owners, so quickly and precisely figuring out the cause as well as options for cures is key. Brett offers medical intuitive readings and treatment suggestions to fast-track your pet's recovery.

Pets On the Other Side

The love our pets have for us doesn't stop after they've crossed over. A pet mediumship reading allows owners to reconnect with their animal family members to ask questions and facilitate healing. Hearing messages and discovering how our pets have chosen to show themselves when in visitation brings lasting peace and comfort. 

Behavioral Modifications

Animals act out when they aren't able to communicate what's troubling them or create calming change on their own, so this is the perfect time to use Pet Telepathy to get to the root of the problem then figure out the right remedies and action plans. 

Animal Emergencies

Whether your pet has gotten lost or been stolen, has suddenly become seriously ill or you've just adopted a rescue animal and it's having trouble adjusting to it's new home, Brett welcomes emergency cases and can typically help on short notice.

Grief Support For Pet Loss

If you'd like to do a specific healing to release grief to help yourself, family members and other pets in the home or welcome a new animal into your life, Brett can guide you through a gentle process to bring the relief your passed pets want you to experience. 


"Dr. Phil for our dog..."

“We were concerned about how our rescue Weimaraner mix, Nikki, would be around our newborn because she had past issues with jumping and nipping. Having a Pet Telepathy session not only helped us understand Nikki better and learn more about what she went through, it helped her calm down in general so we feel confident with her being around the baby. It was like Dr. Phil for our dog and for us. Amazing! We all needed it!  

– Andrew H. Carlsbad, CA 

"My lost cat came back within minutes!"

"I was in a panic when my cat disappeared from the house for hours, which had never happened before. I'd been in a big fight with my mother that must have spooked her. The kids were upset. It was chaos. A friend told me to reach out to Brett and thankfully, she took my call almost immediately. We talked and she worked her magic, then my cat came back within 30 minutes!" 

– R.M. Los Angeles, CA

"The anxiety melted away..."

"At the shelter, they warned us Flynn hadn't been fed regularly. We didn't expect that he'd growl so badly when we gave him his bowl. Being part Shepherd, he's big and strong, so it could get tense. Through Pet Telepathy, we found out about his hard past then were able to use the recommended essential oils and flower essences. It was like his anxiety melted away following the healing session and the remedies!"

 – Kia T. Boston, MA

"Getting past goodbye..."

"When Luca, my ten year-old Siamese died, it was almost unbearable. I would go in the bathroom at work and cry. Then come home and cry. I was skeptical about my session at first but also sad and desperate. Brett picked up on Luca's favorite toy and favorite place to sleep. The confirmation that came from the reading was a wave of relief. Luca is okay and that means I was getting past goodbye and that I was going to be okay too." 

– Toni S. Santa Monica, CA

"My fur babies finally stopped fighting!"

"Our two adopted cats were fighting like cats and dogs. We called them Joan Crawford and Bette Davis as a joke, but we weren't laughing when they would tear up the house and sometimes me and my boyfriend too if we tried to break up the feuds. Brett got to the bottom of their spats and told us how to treat and feed each of them so my fur babies finally stopped fighting!" 

– Oscar N. Venice, CA

"That saved my dog's life..."

"I thought I was giving Ringo high quality food. If I didn't have my Pet Telepathy session, I wouldn't have realized I was giving him products he was allergic to. Brett sensed that he was having itching and drooling issues, which he was, and that it was upsetting his digestion, paws and even his spine, which I'd called about because he was walking funny. Hate to think I was poisoning him, but knowing that saved my dog's life!" 

– Allison E. Chicago, IL

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Watch how a Pet Telepathy session helped an owner heal her rescue pitbull's anxiety.

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